“We use technology as a driver of change”

Miguel Ángel Tudela, CEO

Cibinar is a Spanish technology-based company dedicated to the development of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence services. It was created with the aim of providing solutions based on these technologies to help companies and public entities to cover their present and future needs in terms of cybersecurity.

The techniques and knowledge used by the company come from intense research work by its R&D department. They have a laboratory for testing vulnerabilities and threats that affect the security of companies, from where their specialists carry out tests using the same practices that cybercriminals implement, in order to be one step ahead of them.

Innovation is the main axis of Cibinar’s vision, which offers innovative technologies capable of solving technological and logistical vulnerabilities. “We use technology as a driver of change”, they explain from their website.

Currently, cyber-attacks are one of the main concerns of small and medium-sized companies given their great exposure. Many entities do not have a clear strategy on how to deal with this situation.

Cibinar makes its services available to these companies, offering: audits and consultancies, which allow the detection of vulnerabilities that compromise and put the company at risk; managed cybersecurity, making the organization a cybersecure environment at a very competitive price; computer expert reports, with experts who would investigate the motives, possible culprits and consequences of having received a cyber-attack; ethical hacking, using the same techniques used by cybercriminals to detect the vulnerabilities and, thus, assess the impact and real scope of a possible attack; and training, so that the employees are aware of the needs and are able to prevent the attack or minimize the damage, promoting rapid action.


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