The online training school that prepares new professionals to participate in the evolution of the digital world

Tokio School is an online training school oriented to technological specialization. This training start-up offers specializations in programming, video games, computer networks and digital marketing. They call their students the ‘digital drivers’ who “will drive the greatest future careers”.

Digital training is becoming increasingly important. New technologies have proven to be, not only the future, but also the present. Tokio School offers the necessary training in any technological branch that emerges in the market, offering the student a differentiation that adds value within the labour market.

Tokio School’s training programs adapt to the technological reality, evolving to help the student grow. Its e-learning methodology is 100% online, adapted to each student, considering  their schedules and circumstances.

They offer professional careers, master’s degrees and courses fot the student to become an expert in the area of ??their choice.

The Tokio School method is characterized by flexibility. The student decides when and where to study. The educational model has several key pillars, based on an updated syllabus and specialist teachers in each training. Once the student registers for one of the school’s courses, they have access to an intuitive virtual platform from where they can find teleclasses, masterclasses, take exams and practical exercises. Moreover, the students have a pedagogical follow-up. They are tutoring by experts in talent management, who will help them develop a strategic and personalized study plan for each student. The tutor will accompany them throughout the entire training process, guiding and motivating them along the way.

All its training guarantees up to 300 hours of professional practices in leading companies in the sector. Nowadays, they have more than 3,000 collaboration agreements with top-level companies where students can apply their knowledge and develop a professional career.


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