Over 30 years of expert advice in Commercial Law

Vilarrubí Abogados, a Spanish firm with over thirty years of experience, has positioned itself as one of the leading law firms in Spain in the fields of commercial, labour, and tax law. Founded by Jorge Vilarrubí Lloréns, the current CEO, and with Javier Vilarrubí as the founding partner, the firm has successfully adapted over the years to the evolving needs of businesses, providing comprehensive and specialized legal services. 

With its headquarters in Madrid and branches in Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Huesca, Vilarrubí Abogados has expanded its geographical presence to meet the demand of its clients who required legal advice close to their corporate offices. The firm has actively participated in numerous corporate operations, debt restructuring, labour, and economic restructurings for various types of companies and individual entrepreneurs, providing legal support in complex and diverse cases. 

The organizational structure of the firm reflects its multidisciplinary approach. The tax department is located in Barcelona, while the commercial area operates from Madrid, and labour matters are handled in Zaragoza. This strategy is based on workload demand and has allowed Vilarrubí Abogados to provide specialized and high-quality services to its clients. From the Huesca office, the original headquarters, they advise many companies and individuals and provide support to the other three offices scattered throughout the country. 

Vilarrubí Abogados' client portfolio is composed of small and medium-sized enterprises with turnovers of 30 to 40 million euros. However, they have also worked with major clients in corporate operations and provided legal advice in international business. The firm has accompanied its clients by advising them on their affairs in countries such as India, Panama, Argentina, the United States, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, and Sweden, negotiating out-of-court agreements and coordinating legal defence with local firms in case of disputes abroad.

Vilarrubí Abogados has expanded their services in recent years. They have developed a strong expertise in real estate and banking law, as well as in defending consumers in claims related to preference shares, floor clauses, mortgage costs, complex banking products, and other cases of public interest. The firm has represented more than 10,000 affected parties across Spain in these matters, becoming a reference in protecting consumer rights. In 2018, they received the award for the best Spanish banking law firm.

Vilarrubí Abogados has established itself as a reference in the field of commercial law and consumer defence in Spain. Their experience, specialization, and commitment to their clients have allowed them to grow over the years, even in challenging periods like the recent pandemic.



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