World’s leading provider of merger control intelligence

Iasonas Mourellos, head of Caselex

Caselex is the forefront provider of merger control intelligence sourced from decisions made by 60 Competition Authorities worldwide. Trusted by over 100 leading law firms and 30 competition authorities globally, Caselex is the go-to platform for legal professionals seeking comprehensive and accurate information in the realm of competition law.

With coverage extending to 60 jurisdictions, Caselex offers a vast repository of data encompassing over 24,000 merger control and antitrust decisions. These decisions, spanning from 2000 to the present, form the cornerstone of Caselex's commitment to delivering unparalleled insights into the world of competition law.

Caselex's Market Definitions Module stands as an indispensable resource for competition law professionals, offering access to English translations of market definitionsfrom around the world. This module boasts an extensive database of over 24,000 merger control and abuse of dominance decisions, providing customers with a searchable database of  70,000 market definitions.

The Caselex Remedies Module provides English summaries of remedies' analysis from decisions by 55 Competition Authorities worldwide. Spanning the past 23 years, this module captures over 2,000 conditionally cleared merger control decisions, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of relevant markets, competitive concerns, and the remedies accepted by Competition Authorities to address them. In combination with the Caselex Market Definitions Module, it presents an unmatched source of merger control intelligence.

To source its content (which is updated daily), Caselex relies on the expertise of its dedicated team of professionals who read, edit, and translate every decision themselves. The Netherlands-based core team consists of five individuals, backed by a network of 40 national experts in key jurisdictions, all with a strong background in competition law. Their dedication and craftsmanship result in a top-quality legal service that can be tailored to customers’ specific needs.

With a commitment to people-powered excellence and a portfolio of services that is second to none, Caselex is the leader in the field of competition law intelligence.



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