A new opportunity for debtors in distress affected by bank usury

Raúl Castañeda, CEO and founder and Estíbaliz Espín, partner

Preico Jurídicos has established itself as one of the main defenders of consumers in Spain, taking on the abusive practices of financial institutions. With over 5,000 successful cases and €120 million recovered, the law firm, founded by Raúl Castañeda, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to justice and safeguarding the interests of its clients.

Boasting a sprawling 1,900-square-meter facility in El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Preico Jurídicos houses a highly skilled team that tirelessly advocates for their clients. The firm takes pride in its 100% success rate, which attests to its professionalism and effectiveness in legal proceedings.

Beyond their remarkable work in consumer rights protection, Preico Jurídicos has experienced exponential economic growth. Despite challenges posed by usurious entities, the firm has invoiced millions of euros and recently turned down a significant acquisition offer.

Preico Jurídicos aims to position itself among the top five law firms in Spain within six years. Founder Raúl Castañeda understands the hardships that drive individuals to despair and seeks to demonstrate that money and debt should not extinguish a person's light, but rather serve as lessons for reflection and growth.

The efforts of Raúl Castañeda and Preico Jurídicos have significantly impacted the lives of thousands of people. They have secured financial compensations for their clients and prompted transformative changes in Spain's financial system, advocating for transparency and justice. Their dedication has brought hope and relief to vulnerable individuals, setting a precedent for future legal actions in support of consumers.

In a historic milestone, Raúl Castañeda has announced Preico Jurídicos' initial public offering (IPO), making it the first law firm in Spain to be listed on the stock market. This news has garnered immense interest, with numerous investors expressing their desire to participate in the company, a testament to the firm's reputation.

The IPO represents a significant step for Preico Jurídicos, solidifying its position as a prominent asset in the Spanish legal sector. Their specialized approach and unwavering commitment have earned them recognition and prestige, positioning the firm as a leader in the pursuit of financial justice in the country.



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