Experts in International Law and high-quality legal services

Martín Herreros Abogados is a law firm based in Madrid, with additional offices in Madrid and Córdoba, Spain, Bratislava, Slovakia, Roterdam, Netherlands, and Budapest, Hungary. With over 25 years of experience, it has become a global benchmark in the field of international law and offers comprehensive legal and tax services.

The firm specializes in international law, which encompasses relations between states and the regulation of global common goods. Thanks to its close collaboration with other countries, Martín Herreros Abogados is able to provide legal assistance and defence to individuals abroad. They have established partnerships with international firms and are recommended by the Spanish Embassy in Hungary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation.

Martín Herreros Abogados' work methodology is based on trust, empathy, effectiveness, and resolution. Each case is thoroughly analysed to provide personalized and effective responses. The firm is committed to accompanying its clients in all aspects of their lives, providing support and protection.

Among the services they offer are advice in various areas of law, drafting contracts, defending business and individual interests before European and International courts, and creating and developing companies of any size. Additionally, they provide banking advice, assistance in regularizing residence and social security in Hungary, legal assistance and defence for detainees, obtaining financing, and administrative, consulting, and auditing services.

Martín Herreros Abogados aims to be an agent of change, facilitating the lives of its clients in personal, family, economic, and business matters. "We believe that by synergizing between organizations, corporations, and businesses of all sizes, we can improve the quality of our services and achieve continuous learning”, company stands. Their goal is to offer comprehensive legal and administrative services, saving time and money for their clients by avoiding outsourcing to multiple firms.

With their expertise in international law and a client-centric approach, Martín Herreros Abogados has established itself as a trusted law firm committed to quality and effective case resolution. Their reputation as leaders in the field of international law has been instrumental in their success and global recognition.



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