30 years of experience in the field of criminal law

Ricardo Álvarez-Ossorio

Ricardo Álvarez-Ossorio didn't settle for being just another lawyer in a traditional law firm. He soon founded the firm that bears his name, Álvarez-Ossorio y Castro, marking the beginning of a new phase in his professional career. Over the years, his law firm has attracted distinguished attorneys and professionals from various disciplines, creating an unparalleled legal team in the field of Criminal Law.

The firm has gained significant international recognition, drawing the attention of renowned television networks and media outlets, including Amazon, National Geographic, BBC London, and German ARN, among others. Nationally, his expertise has been sought after for countless documentaries, reports, and interviews.

Álvarez-Ossorio has not only won high-profile cases but has also shared his knowledge through various conferences and university courses on the subject. Furthermore, he has contributed to the legal field by writing specialized articles in the press, demonstrating his commitment to education and the advancement of criminal law worldwide.

His extraordinary success rate speaks for itself. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to handle complex and challenging cases, and his strategic and methodical approach has led to favourable outcomes for his clients in a variety of legal situations.

His proficiency in four languages has also been a key factor in his international success, allowing him to effectively communicate with clients and colleagues from around the world. Additionally, the creation of an elite technical team has further strengthened his firm's position as a leader in the field of criminal law.

While it is true that a significant portion of the cases Álvarez-Ossorio handles are related to drug trafficking, he also provides his services to well-known Spanish companies, lawyers, doctors, and even dissatisfied members of the security forces unhappy with union-provided defences. Álvarez-Ossorio is steadfast in his commitment to providing legal representation to all while maintaining his own ethical boundaries: "Those who call me, like anyone else, have the right to an attorney. If I don't defend them, someone else will, whether private or appointed", asserts the attorney, adding that "I am passionate about my profession for the excitement it generates and for the opportunity to discover the truth that no one knows, from both sides". His dedication to seeking the truth and his commitment to justice are evident in every case he takes on.

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