Trusted experts in tax and legal advisory services for family businesses in Spain

Arnaut Fiscal & Legal is a leading company in the field of tax and legal advisory services for family businesses in Spain. With over 33 years of experience, the firm specializes in territorial and specific legislation, serving various industry sectors such as industry, agriculture, construction, food and wineries, automotive, and services.

Founded in La Rioja, Spain, Arnaut Fiscal & Legal has expanded its presence nationwide, establishing offices in Logroño, Marbella, Madrid, and Valencia. Its success is based on the Arnaut EFO (Optimal Tax Structures) model, which aims to protect the efforts of family entrepreneurs and ensure business continuity.

The firm stands out for its proactive approach and ability to anticipate problems by implementing innovative professional models. It offers a wide range of services including tax planning, company formation, reinvestments, sales, group constitution, and successions. Its main objective is to build and consolidate optimal tax and financial structures for family businesses.

Basilio Ramírez Pascual, founder and director, leads a team of over 15 highly qualified professionals. Basilio is recognized as an expert in economic criminal compliance and good tax practices. With a strong academic background in economics and tax law, he has published several books and articles on international tax matters.

Arnaut Fiscal & Legal distinguishes itself through its focus on innovation and adoption of advanced technologies. The firm is using artificial intelligence technology for tax analysis, reporting, procedure tracking, quality assurance, and compliance. Additionally, Basilio Ramírez utilizes his personal blog to disseminate news and articles related to tax and economics. 

The excellence and commitment of Arnaut Fiscal & Legal have been recognized over the years. Basilio Ramírez has received awards and distinctions for his outstanding work in the tax and legal field. The firm has also been awarded as the leading professional firm in tax and legal advisory.


Arnaut Fiscal & Legal stands as an undisputed leader in tax and legal advisory for family businesses in Spain. Its extensive experience, proactive approach, technological innovation, and highly skilled professional team guarantee quality service and tailored solutions to meet the needs of each client.

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