Legal Expert in Commercial Litigation, Life Sciences, and Food Law

Barbara Mutsaers

Barbara Mutsaers is a prominent attorney at AKD, recognized for her exceptional expertise in a variety of legal areas, including commercial contracting, litigation, food law and life sciences. With her profound knowledge of these intricate fields, she provides invaluable legal counsel and representation to both national and international clients.

In recognition of her expertise and experience, AKD has appointed Barbara as Industry Leader in Food & Life Sciences. Her prominence resonates throughout the legal market, with The Legal 500 acknowledging her as a Leading Individual in Food Law and a Rising Star in Healthcare & Life Sciences. Worth noting is the consistent Tier 1 ranking awarded to Barbara's Food team at AKD by The Legal 500, signifying their excellence year after year.

Barbara's legal practice is versatile. She provides invaluable counsel to her clients on a wide range of legal matters, including but not limited to (product) liability, recalls, breach of contract, termination of agreements and the sector-specific legislation. Her profound understanding of these subjects makes her a trusted expert in the field. She advises clients in this regard, drafts complex commercial contracts and represents clients in disputes against both commercial parties and regulatory authorities. Barbara's commitment ensures that her clients' interests are vigorously defended throughout the legal process, solidifying her reputation as a go-to attorney for service providers, producers and distributors seeking unparalleled legal guidance. Her clients appreciate her commitment and passion.

What also distinguishes Barbara is her active involvement beyond the courtroom and legal textbooks. She believes in staying attuned to market dynamics, both on national and international scale: to look beyond the code of law. This dedication is exemplified by Barbara’s role as a member of the editorial board of the journal 'Waar & Wet' (Commodities and Law). In addition, Barbara is a member of the Dutch Food Law Association (NVLR), the European Food Law Association (EFLA) and the Dutch Pharmacy and Law Association. These affiliations showcase her commitment to staying well-informed about industry developments. Barbara is a frequent speaker at various events and her expertise and insights are also regularly showcased through publications in divers reputable journals, which underscores her dedication to knowledge dissemination.  Her proactive approach ensures that her clients benefit not only from her profound legal expertise but also from her in-depth knowledge of industry developments.

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