Expert in Insurance Law and Liability

Roberta Victoria Nucci

Roberta Victoria Nucci is a prominent figure in the field of law, recognized for her expertise in Insurance Law, Tort Law, and Contractual Liability. As a partner and co-founder of ITC Law, she has established herself as a respected authority in these areas, providing invaluable legal counsel to a diverse clientele.

In 2015, Roberta Victoria Nucci earned her law degree from the prestigious University of Rome LUISS – Guido Carli, marking the beginning of her career in the legal profession.

One of her primary roles is to act as legal advisor for Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, as well as for Private and Public Clients, with a particular focus on Professional Liability and insurance-related matters. Her extensive knowledge and experience in these fields have made her a trusted counsellor to her clients, guiding them through the complexities of the legal landscape.

Roberta Victoria Nucci's contributions to the field of law go beyond her client work. She has written numerous articles on medical professional liability and is also a co-author of two monographs dedicated to general liability insurance and claims-made insurance coverages, demonstrating her commitment to sharing her expertise with the legal community and beyond.

At ITC Law, Roberta Victoria Nucci plays a crucial role in the firm's operations, with a primary focus on Insurance and Reinsurance Law. Her responsibilities encompass a wide range of critical tasks, including policy wording assessment, trustee network handling, claims management, reinsurance claims, and litigation in cases of civil liability and property claims.

One of the firm's notable achievements is its dedication to assisting reinsurers and international insurance companies seeking to enter the Italian market. Roberta Victoria Nucci's team places special emphasis on drafting policy provisions tailored to address environmental and medical liability risks. 

Furthermore, ITC Law has provided valuable guidance to some of the world's largest insurance companies, navigating complex claims and litigation in general and environmental liability insurance. Reinsurance companies also benefit from the firm's expertise in risk assessment and claims control in these specialized areas. 

ITC Law's specialization in non-life insurance positions it as a valuable resource for global companies based in Italy, addressing issues related to their liability, as well as that of their directors, and associated insurance applications.

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