Pioneer against bank usury

Celestino García Carreño

Celestino García Carreño's name began to have media repercussions in 2016 when he filed the first lawsuit in Spain requesting the nullity of a revolving credit card contract for usury, thus initiating a pioneering path.

In his own words, "we decided to undertake it out of the conviction that we could help thousands of consumers trapped in an almost perpetual debt and, in addition, uncover and try to stop the usury that financial giants have been practising  systematically and with impunity". 

 The number of achievements during these seven years have made it a benchmark of national and international prestige. Nearly 5.000 favourable rulings obtained in matters of usury and lack of transparency, the victory against WiZink in the Supreme Court - establishing jurisprudence on revolving cards, with the ruling of 4 March 2020, and making these lawsuits viral - as well as the publication of his work in The New York Times endorse García Carreño's reputation, placing him as the number one in Consumer Law in Spain, according to the Emérita Legal ranking.

 Since then, this famous ruling has been invoked daily in courts all over Spain and has been a great victory for consumers: thousands of contracts have been annulled, huge amounts of money have been returned to their clients and every day more and more users are ready to sue.

 The solution offered by his firm is the nullity of the contract to put an end to the abuse and make the usurer return all the money charged in excess of the money lent, plus the interest from each undue collection.

The intense and meritorious career carried out by Celestino García Carreño has earned him international recognition with the European Legal Award in its 2021 and 2023 editions, in the category of Consumer Law, the European Leaders Award 2022, the European Professional Merit Award 2022 as well as the Top of Business Award 2022 and 2023 granted by the International Business Institute. At the national level, his work has also been recognised with the "CEO of the Year 2022" award from the newspaper La Razón in Banking Law and the Cantabrian Excellent 2022 Award.

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