Wines from viticulture applied with respect and sustainability, with a careful crafting process that seeks authenticity

 Wines from viticulture applied with respect and sustainability, with a careful crafting process that seeks authenticity 

Merche Dalmau, owner

The Clos Galena winery, located in El Molar, in the prestigious D.O.Q. Priorat in Tarragona, Catalonia, is the result of the dream realized by Miguel Pérez and Merche Dalmau in the late 90s. The Pérez and Dalmau family has devoted their lives to this project, turning the winery into a living testament to their dedication and passion.

From its beginnings, the winery has focused on its own vineyards, with 30 planted hectares that yield exceptional wines. These wines, such as Clos Galena, Galena, Formiga de Vellut, Formiga de Seda, and Crossos, stand out for their intense colors, aromas of ripe black fruits, of underbrush herbs, and balsamic notes, being structured, meaty, fresh, long, and persistent.

Clos Galena is distinguished by its commitment to ecology. They employ organic farming methods, and use organic fertilizers to protect the crops. Ecological certification has been a constant in their philosophy from the beginning, marking their commitment to quality and sustainability.

Despite the loss of Miquel Pérez in 2013, Merche Dalmau took over together with the winemaker Toni Coca, maintaining high standards of quality and engaging with civil society. A notable milestone was the inclusion of their wine Formiga de Vellut at the 2017 Nobel Prize Banquet in Stockholm, thus being this Catalan, Priorat wine the first one to receive this honour during this more than a century old award and contributing to the international recognition of Clos Galena.

The connection with culture and art is also fundamental for Clos Galena, evidenced by their cultural project "Arte y Vino," which merges the world of wine with artistic expressions. Additionally, the winery's roots delve into lands that once belonged to the Carthusian monks of Scaladei in the Middle Ages.

Commitment to social and environmental responsibility is essential for Clos Galena, reflecting their desire to preserve and enhance the environment and the lives of local communities. Exporting 70% of their production to more than thirty countries, the winery has consolidated its presence in emerging Asian markets.

Clos Galena also invests in wine tourism, welcoming visitors from around the world to discover their vineyards and offering various experiences, from tastings to meals for groups and companies. Merche Dalmau, at the helm of the winery, embodies the strength, elegance, and respect for the environment that are also reflected in the wines of Clos Galena, a project that continues to reap success and adorn tables worldwide with its exceptional Priorats.

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