"The union of ancient wisdom with modern knowledge"

Javier Díaz Cabrera, director

MIT School Málaga is a renowned educational centre in Málaga, Spain, specializing in language education. Since 2018, the centre has also held the title of official Cambridge Platinum exam centre, and it is the only certified European school for conducting official exams in Chinese (YCT and HSK exams). Chinese language courses are offered from the age of three, along with German instruction starting from 3rd grade.

However, MIT School is not just a reference in language education; it also promotes a comprehensive educational approach. The centre’s purpose extends beyond the transmission of knowledge. It aims to personalize the approach for each student, fostering the development of unique skills, attitudes, and values in each individual. It is a space for academic preparation that the school's founder, Javier Díaz Cabrera, defines as "a school for life," capable of combining the best of traditional teaching methods (Montessori, Behaviourist, Sudbury, Constructivist, etc.) with new technological challenges in order to produce competent professionals for the future, who are also happy, responsible, and free citizens. 

The educational project of MIT School is based on "the union of ancient wisdom with modern knowledge," as stated by the school administration. The pillars of their teaching approach are new technologies, sports, and values such as effort, dedication, enthusiasm, respect, courtesy, humility, and discipline. "We strive to make our education enjoyable and enable individuals to find their own paths for personal development and happiness," explains Javier Díaz Cabrera.

The primary mission of MIT School is to ensure that the academic training of its students guarantees future success while fostering emotional balance that enables them to take control of their own lives. To this end, MIT students have access to functional spaces, laboratories, workshops, and state-of-the-art educational technology, as well as a pedagogically advanced, competent, and capable teaching staff.



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