Specialized in changing the preventive culture through the improvement of the worker's risk perception and organizational leadership

Xavier Pladevall, CEO

With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, Acció Preventiva is a Spanish Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) consultancy, focused on the development of organizations and committed to help general managers to optimize human resources and prevention in order to change the preventive culture in their organizations. 

The company was founded in 2012 by businessman Xaviel Pladevall, considered by the American magazine Health & Safety Magazine as one of the 10 world experts in making investment in PRL profitable for organizations. 

Pladevall's experience and track record has a lot to do with company’s rapid growth. After a long professional career in the framework of occupational risk prevention, Xavier Pladevall set up Acció Preventiva, alongside its partner Europreven, with the aim of complementing the services offered by External Prevention Services. He has managed to position a disruptive and innovative ORP consultancy in the market, specialized in changing the preventive culture of companies by improving the worker's risk perception and organizational leadership. 

Through its preventive services, Acció Preventiva helps companies throughout the national territory to be safer, healthier and more competitive, making their preventive investment profitable, reducing their accident rates and improving the work environment. 

Currently, working together with Europreven, Acció Preventiva offers a comprehensive preventive service, under its own and exclusive methodology called "Changing Your Prevention", based on 10 fundamental levels of preventive change, which directly affect transformational preventive leadership and worker's perception of risk. Its own method guarantees, on the one hand, the complete integration of prevention into the company's management system, and, on the other, the change towards a preventive culture and zero accident rate, while making the investment in prevention profitable.



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