Leading multinational in Spain for professional catalytic converters and particulate filters recycling

Valentinas Zitmariovas, manager

Founded in 2011, Grupo Limatex Europe has emerged as a leader in the field of vehicle catalyzer recycling in Spain. Their commitment to sustainability and the comprehensive management of noble metal-containing waste has positioned them as leaders in the automotive recycling and salvage industry, both nationally and throughout Europe. With corporate offices in Malaga and operational plants in Madrid and Altillac (France), the company collaborates closely with suppliers from various European countries and North Africa to ensure a complete waste management approach for catalyzer residues. Furthermore, Grupo Limatex maintains high-quality standards, complying with Aenor quality certifications for Quality Management and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

The company also engages in the collection and storage of other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, leveraging their extensive expertise in the recovery of precious metals. A strategic alliance in 2019 with the Japanese group Dowa Metals & Mining has further enriched their capabilities by introducing advanced technologies and machinery from Japan, significantly reducing the recycling cycle times.

In addition, Grupo Limatex has demonstrated its commitment to environmental protection by signing an exclusive contract for the European Union in the manufacturing of particle filters in China, tailored to EU quality standards. The company also operates exclusive facilities for the reconditioning of heavy, agricultural, and light vehicle catalyzers, utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced cleaning methods from the United States.

The core values of Grupo Limatex, such as speed, safety, customer loyalty, and supplier satisfaction, are the pillars of their success. Transparency in their work, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and a dedication to environmental protection are guiding principles in all of their activities. 

The company operates a six-industrial-warehouse facility in the Aimayr Industrial Estate of San Martin de la Vega (Madrid) since 2012, where all the waste they manage is transformed and recycled. This process involves grinding the waste into powder, which is then subjected to specialized treatment for the recovery of precious metals, thanks to their state-of-the-art machinery.

The vision of Grupo Limatex Europe is to become a national and international benchmark in the professional purchase and recycling of catalyzers, always ensuring the strictest adherence to all defined procedures and requirements. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their ongoing quest for customer and supplier satisfaction, compliance with regulations, employee development and training, and the continuous improvement of their processes, ensuring their constant evolution and the delivery of the best possible service to their customers and business partners.



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