Creating sports cars on the brink of the impossible

Ivo Bochev

Aston Martin, with its vision set on becoming the world's most desirable ultra-luxury British brand, stands as an iconic global entity synonymous with style, luxury, performance, and exclusivity. The journey of this distinguished brand commenced in 1913 when Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford laid its foundation, and today, it is recognized for crafting the most exquisitely addictive performance cars.

The essence of Aston Martin lies in the fusion of cutting-edge technology, time-honoured craftsmanship, and breath-taking styling, giving rise to a collection of critically acclaimed luxury models such as the Vantage, DB11, DBS, and DBX. Notably, the Aston Martin Valkyrie stands as the pinnacle, representing the brand's foray into the realm of hypercars. 

Situated in Gaydon, England, Aston Martin Lagonda not only designs and creates these masterpieces but also exports them to 55 countries worldwide. The manufacturing prowess of the brand is showcased in Gaydon, where its sports cars are meticulously crafted, while the luxurious DBX SUV range proudly bears the mark of craftsmanship from St Athan, Wales.

The roots of Aston Martin and Lagonda trace back to 1913 and 1899, respectively, converging in 1947 when the late Sir David Brown acquired both brands. Today, Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings plc stands listed on the London Stock Exchange, a testament to its enduring legacy.

In 2020, a transformative chapter unfolded for Aston Martin with Lawrence Stroll assuming the role of Executive Chairman. This change, coupled with substantial new investments, marked Aston Martin's triumphant return to the pinnacle of motorsport with the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team, ushering in a new era for this iconic British marque.

Aston Martin's commitment to its unique brand essence – the seamless integration of high performance and ultimate luxury in a single automobile – is unwavering. The strategic vision is clear: to become the most agile and efficient company in the luxury segment. This endeavour is not only aimed at delivering the best outcomes for the product but also for the customers, investors, and other stakeholders who are an integral part of the Aston Martin legacy.



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