The European Technology Awards 2019 will be held at the Ritz Hotel in Paris next December 6

El Suplemento celebrates on Friday, December 6, 2019 the European Technology Awards, which will take place at the emblematic Hotel Ritz in Paris.

The event begins with the purpose of bringing together professionals from the technology sector, promoting excellence and knowledge through teaching, research and the creation of proactive networks.

The professionals who will attend the event cover the most varied areas, working daily with great dedication in a sector of permanent evolution, where the update has immediate effects.

Our world is experiencing a profound transformation process, which affects all fields and all departments of any company. The technological industry is changing rapidly until a time when companies adapt or die trying.

Innovation has become an essential competitive ingredient for any organization. Companies must take full advantage of cloud platforms that make powerful artificial intelligence tools and services available to a wide range of users. These tools help accelerate experimentation, democratize innovation, boost agility and enhance the digital transformation trips of organizations. 

It is a transformation in the personal and professional field, in customs and habits, even in the common mentality. A general change in all sectors and in all areas, from the way we communicate with customers to the development of new products, especially in R&D.

It is not easy to keep a steady increase while the path is not clear but when a company gets to do that, it has definitely succeeded.  The talented companies and institutions attending the event have adapted themselves to this new world and they now make us live in the future.