State-of-the-art techniques, design and trend come together in a brand that respects the values of tradition and manufacture, based on the ancient tailoring.

Félix Ramiro has been delivering fashion for the most important moments in a man's life for more than two decades: groom suits with precise and refined lines, ceremony collections with impeccable fabrics, executive and sport garments loaded with design and trends on daily basis are just some examples of the expertise and adaptability of this fashion firm.

The designer and founder Félix Ramiro has more than thirty years of solid experience. Having studied design in Madrid and with the 20th National Prize as Designer under his arm, he is one of the references of men's fashion nationwide and has dressed popular personalities.

He was on charge to dress the managing team of Professional and Business Excellence Institute in this year’s edition of the European Awards. He also designed the suit for the presenter, Andrés López, who dressed an impeccable gala suit, made with the most exclusive fabrics.

Since 1988, he has been creating trends in the men's fashion sector, designing and making suits and accessories. It has four own establishments, two franchises and a factory-workshop where more than 22,000 garments are produced yearly. Félix Ramiro has become a reference in style that is currently in full international expansion.