The designer and the interior designer collaborated in the VIII Edition of the Cantábrico Excelente Awards, bringing a touch of glamour and a unique aesthetic, perfectly in line with the characteristics of the event.

The Cantábrico Excelente Awards, held on November 17 at the Pazo de Vilaboa in A Coruña, is an event that brings together the best of the Cantabrian region to honor business excellence and commitment to sustainable development. In addition to the awardees, we highlight the crucial work of the collaborators who have contributed to the success of this gala, making it truly unique.

Sergi Regal: Almerian fashion designer

Sergi Regal is a renowned Almerian fashion designer specializing in bridal dresses, groom's suits, and attire for special occasions. From his atelier, Sergi Regal offers all his clients personalized advice on image and protocol, helping them find the dress or suit of their dreams that suits the type of ceremony they wish to celebrate.

For the Cantábrico Excelente Awards, Sergi Regal collaborated by dressing the gala's presenter and event coordinator. His unique vision and talent in fashion design have contributed to making the gala stage shine even more, enhancing the beauty and elegance of those who will be at the forefront of this event.

Carmen Rodríguez Showroom: Interior designer and designer

Carmen Rodríguez Showroom is an interior design studio led by designer Carmen Rodríguez, with a multidisciplinary background that encompasses not only interior decoration and project management but also artistic photography and industrial design studies. Her approach is based on the belief that good work should integrate beauty, functionality, and the necessary technology to create harmonious spaces.

Carmen Rodríguez Showroom has collaborated in the decoration of the space where the Cantábrico Excelente Awards took place. Her artistic vision and experience in interior design have contributed to creating an environment that reflects the importance of excellence and commitment to beauty and functionality in design.

The participation of Sergi Regal and Carmen Rodríguez Showroom in the Cantábrico Excelente Awards highlights the importance of collaboration and joint effort to achieve an exceptional event that celebrates business excellence in the Cantabrian region.