The designer was in charge of dressing the female staff of the Professional and Business Excellence Institute at the European Awards, held at the Ritz Hotel in Paris

Benjamin Friman is a renowned fashion designer who takes his creations to the highest level. He has always known how to express who he is, what he feels and how he sees the world, capturing everything perfectly in each dress he creates. 

Raised in the cultural richness of his native Granada, Spain, he has learned to value the environment and its landscapes, having a special sensitivity for natural beauty, exceptionally unique.

Benjamin Friman's collections are hand made and exclusive, created with the care that characterizes his atelier and a feminine ready-to-wear style. Friman designs for a strong and wonderfully feminine woman.

The event was hosted by TV presenter, Raquel Castro, dressed by the designer. She wore an gala dress impeccably handmade with the most exclusive materials that made her shine on stage. With more comfortable designs, but same exclusive tailoring, the rest of the organization's female staff also wore Friman's creations.

His creativity was always focused on reaching where others do not dare. His philosophy lies in dressing women to enhance her, not to hide her. His inspiration comes from the character and initiative of contemporary women. He leans towards new and daring ideas, always based on the classics, evolving them.

From the female tuxedo to the most avant-garde pieces, Friman expresses his creativity in his atelier, heading to new ways of understanding fashion. 

In recent years, the designer has dressed many celebrities of international relevance, such as actress Belén Rueda, Daryl Hannah, Kira Miró, Marta Hazas, Hiba Abouk, Manuela Velasco, San Yélamos, Ana Rujas or Aida Folch; as well as such popular figures as Paris Hilton, Ariadne Artiles, Laura Sánchez, Anna Barrachina or Dalianah Arekion.