Competent support for legal immigration in Switzerland

Juan Isidro Fabián Feliz, owner and general legal counsel

Swiss Law International is a law firm, specializing in administrative law, based in Zürich, Switzerland, but with international presence, since it has offices in Marbella, Spain and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Its expertise is Swiss Immigration Law, advice on Criminal, Labor, Real Estate, Debt Settlement, Family Law and Public, Private and European Union International Law. The company presents a variety of interesting services, which enables to assist their clients with all legal problems and inconveniences and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Swiss Law International expertise lies in the main areas of employment law, company formation, debt collection law, family mediation, relocation and pensions in Switzerland. Clients receive a legally sound answer to every question and are able to rely on a well-thought-out approach. ‘We provide the necessary accompaniment to enable our clients to work and always find the appropriate answers to questions regarding immigration and employment’, they stand from the law firm.

Swiss Law International is always seeking the best way for its clients to immigrate both professionally and socially. After many years of experience, they learned which laws must be observed in Switzerland and how cultural differences can be overcome, so they can provide the best solutions. ‘Through our helpful initial interviews, we develop a suitable strategy for planning all application procedures together with our clients. This applies to the tourist visa as well as to other certificates required in Switzerland’, they say from the law firm. ‘In this way we take the risk of being legally independent and advise our clients on all questions’, they conclude.


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