Trust, exhaustive study of customer cases and prevention of conflicts are the key points that define company’s work

Founded in El País Vasco in 1993, Ricardo Ibáñez Abogados has focused its activity in the field of health law and has rapidly become a well-known procedural firm.

Ricardo Ibáñez Abogados is currently based in Madrid, headed by its founder, Ricardo Ibáñez, graduated in Law from the University of Deusto. Ibáñez has been a substitute judge and legal advisor in the Consumption Directorate of the Basque Government, with forty people under his responsibility. Nowadays, he is a lawyer and collaborator with several consumer organizations, as well as a member of the Vizcaya Arbitration Court of Commerce, as an expert arbitrator. As a lawyer, he has published several articles and has extensive experience in teaching, with almost three decades of exercise behind him. Due to the popular cases he has defended, he has also become a recognized personality in the world of television.

Ricardo Ibáñez Abogados’ team is made up of top-level multidisciplinary professionals, specialized in different fields of law. They are joined by external collaborators: medical experts, calligraphers and communication professionals.

The company is specialized in Civil Liability, dedicated to the set of legal, jurisprudential and doctrinal provisions that regulate health protection, the proper functioning of health services and everything related to patients’ rights, as well as health facilities and relevant agencies.

Prevention is one of the key points for the firm in the world of law, that is, to avoid possible customer conflicts. Objective achieved with good advice from experts in the field, as they offer from the beginning in Ricardo Ibáñez Abogados. “We are to mediate, outsource or avoid conflicts between the parties involved in any problem. In addition, tirelessly achieve that our client is satisfied with the work done and recognizes that our goal as lawyers is to perform justice through law”, they say from the company.

The philosophy of the firm lies in loyalty to the client and the bond of trust they create with him, investigating the causes of the problem and exposing the criteria with which they plant the cases, focusing on the enthusiasm, strength and commitment that define them. “We love our profession above all, our professional ethics are based on our exhaustive study and hard work of independence, honesty and loyalty to Justice and the application of the law. When we accept a defense, it is because we believe that the claim is fair, and in that case when the client successes so does the company”, explains founder Ricardo Ibáñez.


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