Its team comprises of over one hundred lawyers operating from Prague, Ostrava or Bratislava, guaranteeing the highest quality and flexibility of its services

PRK Partners is a law firm which provides first class legal services in key central European jurisdictions. It has become a leading law firm and holder of significant international and national awards.

The firm, formerly named Procházka Randl Kubr, has been active on the market for more than twenty five years now, and has become a full-service law firm operating Europewide. Its specialized teams of legal practitioners and tax advisors provide services to the largest global corporations, as well as to local companies. Thanks to its memberships in Lex Mundi (the world’s leading network of independent law firms) and its close cooperation with a number of outstanding international law firms, PRK Partners also serves and accompanies clients on their business journeys in other jurisdictions around the world. ‘We have become accustomed to the fact that partnerships involve compromise. We expect one excellent characteristic to dominate all others and only in ideal cases we see a blend of dynamics with reliability, performance with friendship, specialization with a broad perspective...’, the firm points out.

PRK is a partnership of dozens of excellent personalities from different countries, with different professional backgrounds and personal experiences. Their set of values and know-how creates a unique corporate environment, in which its clients do not have to choose between different qualities. ‘Every day we demonstrate that it is possible to combine the highest professional standards of contemporary business counselling and traditional advocacy’, they stand.

PRK Partners is specifically concerned about data protection, and provides the best advice to its clients. In an increasingly digitalised world, collecting, processing, storing and transferring information has become an integral part of business operations. Such handling of data has become more and more regulated and involves meeting an ever-growing number of compliance obligations. Failing to comply with legal regulations puts companies at risk of heavy fines, legal liability and loss of credibility and reputation. Therefore, comprehensive advice in this area is a standard part of the legal services PRK Partners offers. ‘We provide all clients who gather large amounts of personal data comprehensive services, such as preparing legal analyses, dealing with state agencies as well as representing clients in court proceedings’, they explain.

The new legal regulations represent a reform of the EU’s data protection rules. PRK Partners is ready to help its clients tackle the issues and address the questions that arise from the new regulation.


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