Óscar Mercé Abogados is a law office specialized in procedural management, offering legal services to its clients within Spain

With more than 36 years of experience and founded in Castellón de la Plana, Valencian Community, the law firm Óscar Mercé is made up of a team with more than ten experts specialized in Civil and Criminal Law that operates nationwide.

Its founder, Oscar Mercé, began in the practice of law in 1983, by joining as a collaborator of a law firm in his city. In 1992 he created a collective office with five other professionals. Four years later, in 1996 he founded his own.

Óscar Mercé Abogados Asociados currently offers services and procedures for debt recovery and conflict resolution generated after the acquisition of assets by the client, such as the recovery of possession in situations of occupation, leases, community of owners, constructive defects, actions related to property or criminal proceedings.

In this sense, the office is currently distributed in four sections. One dedicated to debt recovery, which exclusively deals with claims of quantity and procedures related to the defense of the legal interests of clients, derived from bank contracts; another dedicated to occupations and leases, focused on procedures related to the acquisition of property; a third one dedicated to competitions, management of bankruptcy credits and, finally, a section dedicated to criminal, dealing exclusively with defense in economic crimes. 

Nowadays, its main client is the banking sector, although they have worked with civil and criminal procedures included in the jury law. In addition, the firm is a collaborator in the IX Edition of the International Legal Award ISDE 2017.

Óscar Mercé Abogados complements legal activity with teaching, initially teaching at the Law School of the Illustrious Bar Association of Castellón and the Jaime I University of Castellón de la Plana, in the field of masters for law graduates, linked to the chair of Civil Procedural Law and currently in the master's degree of law taught by the university.

His work has been recognized nationally on numerous occasions. They have received, among others, the “National Legal Award 2016” granted by the organizing entity, The Supplement; the "Gold Medal of the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness for Merit at Work" or the "Gold Star of the Institute for Professional Excellence" and the "San Rayford de Peñafort Award for Legal Excellence 2019."

The scope of influence of the firm extends to the entire Spanish territory, and its project, in the words of its founder, Oscar Mercé, is: “Develop a responsible management of the interests of our clients, trying to easily solve their legal conflicts”.


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