He advises on public, criminal and civil law matters of major importance of some of the highest profile clients in the world

Matteo Benozzo

Matteo Benozzo is an expert on waste management and remediation, environmental damage and authorization procedures, environmental risk and health and safety procedures, and have a superb track record representing major clients in proceedings in Italy’s main administrative, civil and criminal courts.

Matteo is assistant professor and Tenured Researcher of Law at the University of Macerata, where he teaches Environmental Law. He deepened this subjects for over twenty years, with different publications, including books, papers, essays and articles; participation in conferences and seminars, and he has an outstanding professional experience.

He has been Visiting Faculty at the Columbia Law School of New York, US, in 1999, and at the School of Law of the University of California, Los Angeles for several years. Furthermore, Matteo has been Juridical Consultant for the Italian Senato della Repubblica since 2006, in particular for the IX and the XIII Commission.

Nowadays, Matteo is one of the founding partners of B-HSE law firm, specialized in environmental, H&S, food, compliance and criminal law. He has specific knowledge and expertise on waste management, remediation of polluted sites, environmental damage, and other issues of Environmental Law, including town and country planning acts and regulations on energy production and circulation.

Matteo has organized and participated in various audits to verify the “environmental risk” and due diligence for the purchase of share packages or controlling stakes in companies, as well as in judgments for the environmental damage, also in public services.

Professor Benozzo is currently a member of the “Gruppo di Lavoro Area 8 Riqualificazioni Ambientali” created by the National Geologist Council. The scope of the group’s activities is to deepen topics such as decontamination, environmental remediation, waste and landfills. Lastly, Matteo is a member of the Ministry of Health’s panel of experts specialized in waste management, water, air and soil pollution.


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