She stands out as one of the best prepared lawyers for the practice of law in Spain

María Jesús Barreñada y su hija Julia

The Spanish lawyer María Jesús Barreñada has a degree in Law, a degree in Legal Sciences from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE) and a doctorate in Global Law from Cambridge International University.

Throughout her extensive professional career, she has not stopped training, with the aim of adapting to the natural evolution of law. She has completed several Master’s degrees: in Labour Law and Social Security from UDIMA; in Canonical Matrimonial Law from the International University of La Rioja; in Equality and Gender Violence from the Catholic University of Valencia; in Family Mediation and Forensic Psychology from the Instituto Superior de Formación Apertura Psicológica; and in Family Law by the Madrid Lawyer Training Centre.

The popular lawyer, who has been working in law for more than 30 years, has also been trained in other complementary areas: she has a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management, a Taxation and Tax Consulting Master at the Centre for Financial Studies and a Property Administration Master’s Degree by Implika.

In 2002 she founded the law firm Are2 Abogados in Madrid, a multidisciplinary firm specializing in civil law, family law, labour law and Social Security, administrative law, commercial law and monetary criminal law.

Within family law, Barreñada is an expert in the processing of inheritances and wills. Together with her team of specialized professionals, they take care of all the procedures related to inheritance law, whether there are situations of disagreement between the heirs or legatees or adjudications of inheritance in accordance with the law, both in the cases in which there is a will and in cases in which the deceased has not left it.

In recent years, Are2 Abogados has become one of the most prominent law firms specializing in inheritances in Madrid. They offer comprehensive advice that includes: judicial division of inheritances, extrajudicial negotiation to achieve the partition of the inheritance between the heirs, processing of partition notebooks in inheritance, negotiation of the partition of inheritance with various heirs, as well as holographic testament and judicial protocolization.


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