Jean-Manuel López, who has more than 30 years of legal experience, runs one of the most famous law firms in France and Switzerland

Jean-Manuel López is a solicitor and founder of Advocatis Avocats Associés, a multidisciplinary law firm with offices in France and Switzerland. Over the years, it has experimented an exponential growth, expanding its presence in several countries such as Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, England, Germany and also the USA and Argentina.

Jean-Manuel López has become a well-known professional in both France and Switzerland and also in Spain. He has been external techer in tax law, internal control and management control at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Pau between 1989 and 1997.

More recently, he has been administrator and member of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in Paris until 2003.

In the advent of Europe and globalization of business relations, the law firm he founded, Advocatis Avocats Associés, relies on correspondents and partners that assure proper international representation and assistance to its corporate clientele.

Th firm is internationally distinguished by its lawyers and jurists, all of whom have training in multiple disciplines such as economics, management and law. It is through these complementary horizons that Advocatis Avocats Associés is able to efficiently respond to the daily concerns of the business world: to advise, forewarn, assist and defend.

Nowadays, in a world with increasingly complex laws, it is only by specialization that makes for a counsel that is both relevant and efficient. Law, which is often regarded as a constricting leash, is, for Advocatis, a useful tool of performance.

Legal counselling is the most important activity for the law firm in the sense that the team attends to the daily needs of its clients, responding to difficulties encountered with the creation, management and transfer of a business entity. A business entity requires the assistance of specialists to forewarn and manage against commercial risks, social and tax accountability.

With the advent of global exchange, Advocatis Avocats Associés stands out as a team of International law experts providing companies with the appropriate legal platform that will facilitate its tax integration-optimisation in the face of European and international investments.

To attend mutual agreements and ordinary proceedings in court, the firm has contracted full time lawyers that diligently follow up the dossiers according to the regulations set by the "Ordre des Avocats" (French Bar Association). In parallel, to attend specialization and details of certain projects, Advocatis Avocats Associés employs full time collaborators with non-law degrees but with specific knowledge in relevant domains. Facing litigation, the firm eliminates up to 80% of cases before reaching the court process.

With twenty years of legal proceeding experience in world-wide courts, the multidisciplinary law firm professes expertise in Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal and Tax Law, Commercial Leases, Commercial Law, Financial Law, Banking Law, Joint and Several Liability, Corporate Criminal Law, Labour Law, Competition Law, European Law, Sports Law, Realty and Property Law and Copyright.


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