Gutiérrez Labrador Abogados stands out for its direct, constant customer service and operates with professional involvement and closeness

Gutiérrez Labrador Abogados, with offices in Córdoba, Seville and Madrid (all of them in Spain), is a firm of lawyers that works in different legal areas. It has a multidisciplinary team that covers all fields of law within the Agricultural, Water, Mines and Environment sectors.

Since its foundation, in 1991, the brand’s main objective is not to work in a single field of law, but to focus on the activities of its clients, dealing with very specific issues with which they are able to develop any field of law.

Statistically, the successes of Gutiérrez Labrador Abogados exceed 80% and, in the words of its director, Carmen Gutiérrez Labrador: “If the matter has no possibilities, we do not want lost matters. Our brand is above numbers”, she says.

Environmental Law constitutes one of the specialization areas marked by Gutiérrez Labrador Abogados, standing out for its work and knowledge in the Agri-food Law sector. In this regard, within the services provided to its clients, it is worth mentioning agri-food companies advice, water transfer contracts, environmental consultation, mining research procedures or forced expropriations.

The firm has specialized departments in water, agribusiness, environment, commercial, mining and tax. Each department is formed by lawyers specialized in the field, who work in collaboration with different professionals with an economic and technical profile, such as engineers, chemists or physicists.

They offer advice on the processing of water concessions and authorizations, issues related to the authorization of industrial discharges, sanctioning procedures, fees, public prices for the use or use of water or discharges, as well as claims of patrimonial responsibility or drafting of statutes.

Gutiérrez Labrador Abogados is also dedicated to legal advisory services in administrative files and legal proceedings related to environmental impact. “We have developed files related to environmental licenses or authorizations, noise, waste, discharges, contaminated soil, environmental responsibility and sanctions. The multidisciplinary vision of our teams guarantees a quality professional collaboration that unites the legal aspect with the technical and economic-financial aspect in all types of work and studies on Environmental Law, national and international, in a very prominent way in everything related to renewable energy, sustainability and corporate social responsibility ”, they point out from the office.

The brand also invests in administrative and judicial procedures, related to Mining Resources and Mineral Waters, specifically: authorization and concession for exploitation, licenses and environmental authorization, classification of resources, occupation of subsoil and constitution of easements.

Internally, Gutiérrez Labrador Abogados develops a rigorous environmental responsibility policy, focusing on several areas that include saving ecological resources with paper reduction, energy savings or reuse of existing resources.


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