Giambrone is a full-service law firm which operates through a network of offices across the world having presence in more than five different countries.

Giambrone ensures its core values of excellence and integrity, alongside a collaborative approach are enshrined in all the legal teams within the firm. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also an important aspect of the firm which is applied not only to their clients but also to employees, suppliers and wider communities in which they work.

The firm currently employs more than 80 professionals and has developed strategic alliances across the globe to provide a raft of expert advice and practical legal solutions for both individuals and businesses of all sizes. The firm has offices in Barcelona, Glasgow, London, Milan, Rome, Sardinia, Tunis and Palermo.

Giambrone has specialist expertise in all aspects of merger & acquisition (M&A) work.  In addition to their legal expertise our M&A teams all have commercial acumen that matches their legal skills enabling the firm to fully support companies seeking sound advice when embarking on a merger or acquisition.  “Our expertise is not limited to M&A work we can advise on a range of commercial activities such as entering a joint venture or disposing of a company”, they say from the company.

Giambrone is able to provide legal assistance for all stages of complex M&A, including cross-border transactions, and they frequently work in conjunction with their clients’ commercial advisors, finalising all post-completion registrations and procedures, as well as conducting due diligence to establish the provenance of the information provided to their clients. 

The firm has successfully assisted in a number of acquisitions within the hospitality industry including a challenging acquisition of a hotel business involving, amongst other things, a change of classification together with remedying a significant number of regulatory breaches.  The previous owner had subjected the hotel to a number of breaches in respect of planning law which had passed unnoticed by the authorities.  Its lawyers flagged up the problems and Giambrone’s M&A team undertook a meticulous programme of due diligence and painstakingly worked their way through the issues rectify remedy the contraventions to create a sound environment for its clients. This was no easy task as many of the contraventions required an innovative solution.  Another hotel acquisition transaction Giambrone was handling almost faltered when the sellers attempted to completely re-write the deal due to their misunderstanding of proposed law that had not even been published and the M&A team had to act swiftly as the venture was time constrained and the transaction had to be settled within a very short time frame.

“Our wider corporate teams can also provide expert advice on private equity transactions, corporate reorganisations and restructuring, employment law, terms and conditions or takeovers and disposals”, company points out.

Among the firm’s latest achievements in the field of merger and acquisition, is advising a global private equity firm in relation to the financing of the buyout of one of the leading players in the Italian vending and semi-automatic industry, with a financing value of €75 000 00. 

Giambrone also advised a leading European gas-equipment company in relation to the acquisition of an Italian gas-equipment company closing in a deal valued at €329 000 000.

The company has been honoured with more than ten national and international awards due to its expertise and reputation for excellence. The latest, the European Legal Award 2019 granted by El Suplemento in Paris, France.


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