The law and consulting firm has become a benchmark in international trade, with a team of experts in each area of ??work

Fernández Ortea & Pérez-Holanda International lawyers is one of the most recognized law firms in its specialty, international trade, and is integrated in the parent company Perez-Holanda Internacional Sl, of which RDI POINT ©, a technology consulting firm, is also a part.


Its main activity focuses on international advice to exporting and importing companies, associations and corporations that work both nationally and internationally.


The firm tends towards a clear specialization in international commercial matters (contracts, trade and corporate, logistics, transport and insurance, payment methods and international guarantees) without forgetting, therefore, the advice of our clients in customs, taxation, labor or administrative international. 

Our services cover a wide spectrum of the international trade field, a sector in which the firm is specialized and recognized by its services’ quality, including the integral consultancy in the field of internationalization and innovation.

As a result of this activity, the team of professionals uses the main professional working languages ??used in international traffic, apart from Spanish, mainly English and French and also documentation in German, Italian and Portuguese.

The members of the firm are authorized to act in national and foreign territories, jurisdictions and courts, that is, in Spain and in the main foreign jurisdictions of Europe and America. Thus, the firm has defended, with positive results, arbitration and judicial or extrajudicial litigation, the interests of Spanish companies in the five continents.

In addition to having internal lawyers and external collaborators (engineers, computer scientists, accountants, etc.) and assistants (administration), to cover the most diverse functions related to international trade, the firm is mainly composed of a team of people working in the four areas the company is subdivided in. The first one, international contracting, including the design of operations, negotiation and drafting of international contracts, study of offers, orders and annexes of guarantees and international payment methods, such as guarantees at first requirement, LC standby or documentary credits; dispute resolution, which includes management and advice on litigation, arbitration and mediation; innovation, being the European Commission's innovation experts in the European Commission, acting as agents in WIPO registries for industrial and intellectual property, as well as the transfer of national and international technology, R&D; and training, which includes the organization of regulated courses in Universities in undergraduate and master's degrees and in-company, on-demand courses, for clients on office research matters, through the person of one of their partners, Guillermo Perez-Holanda, associate professor in Spain and visiting professor at several foreign universities.

The firm also advises on aspects of taxation in international operations (VAT, tariffs ...), as well as in the claims against the different administrations for the problems raised in customs.


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