Del Prado & Partners Solicitors offers services in all fields of Law, expanding its work both nationally and internationally

Lawyer’s office Del Prado & Partners Solicitors has very clear its bases to perform the law in an effective way. According to them, the key is to maintain a professional relationship with the client. In their own words: "lawyers must consider customer’s problems as their own problems"

The philosophy of Del Prado & Partners Solicitors is based on the originality and specificity of each case, avoiding copies "which are hardly ever good," says José Del Prado Montoro, majority founding partner and general manager of the office located in Malaga. “The key to any law firm that wishes to perform its task effectively - the solicitor continues - is in a professional relationship with the client”.

Through a team of professionals with vocation, empathy, spirit of sacrifice and extensive theoretical and practical training, the firm achieves a multidisciplinary work methodology. Although they work according to Spanish laws, they also open the range to British-American and European legal needs. Their team is bilingual, both in language management and in the knowledge of cultures and legislation.

Client’s satisfaction, guarantees the brand efficiency by solving many theoretical problems in the most effective way by an intermediate path that shortens the hard, long and arduous legal procedure. 

“Being a lawyer is not a profession, it is a way of life and whoever says it himself is often not aware of what it implies. It is not just to plead. It is about looking for the perfect moment and occasion in which hours, days, months and years of study, effort and dedication, find the opportunity to do Justice”, highlights José Del Prado and concludes by affirming: “We do not defend more interest than that of our clients". 

Del Prado & Partners Solicitors offers services in all fields of Law, as well as in the Administration of Farms and International Relations. Its work extends both nationally and internationally.

“Nowadays, helping your team to build dreams, aspirations, family live, is not a simple task. Vocation is only achieved when you transform your profession into a modus vivendi”, concludes José Del Prado.


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