Cerha Hempel is a leading corporate law firm that operates in Central and Eastern Europe, having its headquarters in Vienna, Austria

With a team of over 200 lawyers experienced and expertise in all areas of corporate and commercial law, the company advises its clients on all aspects of commercial law. Over its 25 years of history, Cerha Hempel has been involved in a large number of the most significant transactions in Austria. “We know and understand the ins and outs of every area of law. At the national and international level, we continuously demonstrate our business know-how. Apart from guaranteeing unparalleled quality, trust, and professionalism in all areas of commercial law, Cerha Hempel also guarantees its clients the highest level of service combined with the latest legal knowledge”, they say from the company.

Cerha Hempel has presence in seven cities across Europe. It has offices in Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Minsk, Prague and Sofia. It possesses an extensive network in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, together with broad-based expertise and many years of experience. The company also maintains close relationships with renowned law firms in those countries in which it does not have an office. “We are a young team, with an average age of 33, one third of our attorneys are women, and we have an equal number of Austrian and international attorneys in our Central and Eastern European offices. Our team reflects the environment in which our clients operate”, company points out.

Each office is structures as local entities and employs local, highly-qualified and multilingual professionals and has constant access to the resources and expertise of the Cerha Hempel network. “Through the close and regular cooperation between our offices, we are able to guarantee that the legal advice we provide to our clients remains seamlessly coordinated, efficient and commercially-oriented”, they say from the company.

Cerha Hempel has an organisational structure which allies the core team with particular specialists, being able to manage clients and transactions efficiently and effectively. Its main purpose is to support its clients in their corporate decision-making process, developing and providing the best possible solutions for every situation, tailored to each client’s needs.

Among its services, the company stands out for its experience and expertise Public Law and European Law. Cerha Hempel advises and represents clients before public administrative authorities and courts, as well as the European Court of Justice regarding questions of aviation law, public procurement law and telecommunications law, all of which have been handling by the company since such sectors were liberalised by the European Union. “Our lawyers have achieved an above-average rate of success in such cases. Priority is not just a term we use in connection with European Community law. It is, more importantly, what we give our clients in all of their public law matters”, company explains.

The firm has also many years' extensive experience in commercial licensing law, healthcare law, university law, construction law, environmental law, and medical and pharmaceutical law.


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