The firm estimates to get back to its costumer the amount of thirty million euros next year

Pablo José Díaz, co-founder and Jesús Bernardo Galán, CEO and co-founder

Cerciora is a Spanish company created as an alternative for claims against banks. The platform is forged at a time when banking abuses put society in check, especially in services such as Revolving credit cards.

Cerciora has specialized in Revolving card claims so that, by legal means, the user who has been affected and committed to the abusive payment of these type of cards can be freed from it and even receive a refund of the money paid in excess. The platform handles the claim work, both for cards in use and for those already cancelled.

The Cerciora team represents an alternative for those who wish to put an end once and for all to the significant financial burden that Revolving cards entail. Through the company’s website, those interested can request a free first consultation without any commitment. Thus, they help claim bank abuses from the side of the most vulnerable people, offering them the opportunity to enjoy a legal defence accessible to everyone.

In the event that Cerciora does not win, the client will not have to pay anything. The platform acquires a total commitment to its clients, committing its income to the success of the demands. Nowadays, the firm gets 99% of positive sentences in Spanish courts.

The basis of the brand focuses on the implementation of technology applied to the world of law, document management and customer service. First, the company analyses each case in a particular way, applying the friendly claim as the first way. In the event that this does not work, it is committed to the judicial claim in all instances up to the Supreme Court, with execution and appraisal of costs.



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