The French law office operates from its three offices in Morocco, Sant Barthélemy and Toulouse (France)

The firm was founded by Céline Carsalade, who spent her entire law education on the benches of the prestigious university of Paris-Panthéon Assas, where she successfully defended her doctoral thesis.

Carsalade graduated from Paris Bar School (Ecole de Formation du Barreau) after respectively passing the entry exam to law school (CRFPA) and obtained the Certificate of Lawyer’s Professional Skills.

She is currently a member of the AAMTI, association of proxy lawyers in real estate transactions, and she is entitled to carry out real estate transactions. She is also a member of the French-American Chamber of Commerce of New York.

The attorney started her career as an associate in one of the most prestigious law firms specialized in construction and urban-planning law in Paris where she gained experiences. Nowadays, her detailed knowledge and sharp analysis skills allow her to practice law in the private sector for both individuals and companies, but also in the public sector while collaborating with municipal authorities. 

After her first year of practice as a lawyer at the Paris Bar, Carsalade has decided to practice at Saint-Barthélemy, with regards to the important legal specificity of the Island linked to its status as an overseas collectivist.

The practice of law in St. Barthélemy is truly particular and requires an extreme precision and a deep knowledge of the island and its operating mode. She is also an honorary member of an association protecting the environment of the Island and she advises several associations on environmental issues.

Carsalade carries on business with strictness and dynamism, she handles the cases reactively and keeps her clients regularly informed of the follow-up of their files. From the first meeting, she will inform of the legal fees and will expose the most adapted strategy to each situation in order to avoid dispute, or in case of litigation she will advise her clients on how to overcome it.

Céline Carsalade is a multidisciplinary law office which offers services in the most varied areas, such as Business Law, Labour Law, Public Procurement Law, Property Law, Family Law, Personal Injury Law, Planning, Environmental and Construction Law, Criminal Law, Foreigners Law, Tax Law or Sale of the Real Estate.

The law firm is also engaged in the law students training. Carsalada has been a teaching assistant at the Paris University and is concerned to keep links with the students she has taught. Every year, most law students, who will be lawyers, notaries, legal adviser, come at the law office, to get experience.

These exchanges reinforce the team’s energy, and the development of networks.


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