A total of 1700 employees and more than 234 partners, position BLM Law as one of the most important law firms in Europe

BLM Law is an insurance risk and commercial law firm with both a domestic and international focus. It works with an increasing number of customers, across more lines of business, in more locations throughout the UK and Ireland as well as across the world. 

The firm has 13 offices across the UK and Ireland located in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Derry, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Southampton. Each office has expertise professionals working daily on behalf of the client, in order to avoid their disputes, or in case of litigation, to advise them on how to overcome it.

A total of 1700 employees and more than 234 partners, position BLM Law as one of the most important law firms in Europe, working alongside 843 lawyers and technical experts.

BLM philosophy is to deliver positive outcomes for its clients and help them make their businesses more successful. Fundamentally it is helping them to reduce the time and money spent on managing risk and resolving disputes, whilst offering a practical, commercial and solutions driven approach to non-contentious business law. ‘We provide solutions that are clear and concise; deliver a service that is consistent and reliable; and build connected relationships that are strong and enduring’, the firm points out.

The British law firm’s team is multidisciplinary and cover the most varied areas, highlighting Family Law. In an ever-changing society, the definition of family unit continues to evolve the legal remedies available to assist in the event of the breakdown of the family unit also continue to evolve to address the needs of each individual’s circumstances. BLM’s team of Family lawyers offer comprehensive experience to help its clients with end of marriage, co-habitation, civil partnership or child related issues. Its Family law practitioners will guide its clients through difficult times with sensitivity, care and commitment and identify the best approach to assist each situation remaining focused on outcomes to suit their personal and financial circumstances.

Based in Liverpool, London and Manchester, BLM Family lawyers have only customer’s interests in mind. Its lawyers are able to advise them and guide them through the processes within different jurisdictions and can collaborate to assist them in cross border issues. Whatever the position in which their find their selves, BLM can help them to move on with their life, safe in the knowledge that any family, relationship or child related issues requiring legal assistance are being dealt with by their experienced family law practitioners. ‘We understand that relationship breakdowns are challenging and difficult for all involved. We take great care in listening to you to ensure we develop a clear understanding of your needs and the approach you wish to take’, they stand.


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