The firm implements behaviour and conduct manuals in each company, ensuring that rules are met and kept within the law

Arnaut & Iberbrokers is a socially based consultancy in Logroño, La Rioja (Spain), specialized in Tax, Business and Financial Law, with a high degree of knowledge of the current business reality. The Economics’ Doctor, Basilio Ramírez Pascual is a founding partner and director of the Tax Department of Arnaut & Iberbrokers and heads the professional team of the law firm, with more than 30 professionals at the service of its clients. 

Ramírez Pascual is a pioneer in economic criminal tax compliance. With more than 30 years of experience, he is a Master in International Taxation, Tax Law and Tax Advice and Expert in Financial and Corporate Accounting by the Universitity of San Pablo CEU and Universidad de Alcalá. In addition, he is a technician in Prevention of Money Laundering Act, author of several books and articles on international tax matters. To give some examples: Taxation Theory and Exercises (6th edition), Practical Money Laundering Act Prevention for obligated companies, General Tax Law (Wolters Kluger), Challenges of Family Business (Aranzadi), etc.

Ramirez is a compliance auditor endorsed by the World Compliance Association. With his passion for training, he has managed to create the internal training department that makes the entire Arnaut team to be a high qualified one.

Arnaut & Iberbrokers Consultoresfocuses in tax analysis and planning, corporate restructuring, family business treatment and taxpayer defense in tax inspections. They are also experts in the regional territories and their own legislation, with great presence throughout the business sector: agriculture, warehouses, industry, cars, construction or services. They are currently immersed in the development of Good Tax Practices and in the development of the International Taxation Department.

The brand is a pioneer in the development and application of the European Excellence Model (EFQM) and member of several prestigious international associations. They give special importance to excellence in each of their processes, generating their own custom protocols and offering the best service for the client.


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