Ritz Hotel Paris will hold the second edition of the European Legal Awards on December 1st

The famous Parisian hotel, which once had among its guests such distinguished personalities as Coco Chanel or Ernest Hemingway, will hold the II Edition of the European Legal Awards on December 1st. Lawyers, law firms, offices and law professionals from the most varied field who stand out in Europe will gather at one of Ritz salons.

Professional and Business Excellence Institute, entity in charge of the event, has a great deal of experience in organizing awards ceremonies throughout Europe, bringing together companies and institutions that have been hitting the headlines and enable new business models, strategic alliances and partnerships widely predicted to cause market disruption over the coming years.

The main purpose of the European Legal Awards is to enable the attendees to share a day with other lawyers across Europe, promoting excellence and knowledge through teaching, research, and proactive networking.

The professionals who will attend the event cover the most varied areas of law and work daily with great dedication in a sector of permanent evolution, where the updating and deep knowledge of emerging laws has immediate effects.

The awarded categories will be: Ciber Security, Consumer Law, Animal Welfare, Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Inmigration Law, Construction Law, Banking Law, International Arbitration, Space Law, Multidisciplinary Law Firm and Commercial Law.